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Operating your Business from Ireland

Irish companies used for international tax planning have significant advantages vis a vis other jurisdictions. Irish corporate entities offer international companies market opportunities to export products and services into the European Union utilising Ireland’s low corporate tax rate.  Full VAT registration can be obtained for intra EU activities.  The number of businesses locating in Ireland over the past twenty years has increased enormously with many major Multinationals in the IT and Pharmaceutical areas basing their international operations from the jurisdiction.  Forming an Irish Company now offers the opportunity for small to medium enterprises to avail of the many benefits that Ireland as a corporate domicile confers.

Some of the key features of:     

o        Low Corporate Tax Rate-12.5% on Trading Profits
o        Excellent Double Tax Treaty Network 

o        Attractive Holding Company Regime

o        Europe Union and Euro Zone Member with free movement of goods 

o        Ideal Location for Europe – EMEA Business 

o        Stable Business Environment – Serviced by Major International Banks

Solutions offered by Irish Incorporations Ltd. are based on matching client requirements with different types of company structures and other measures designed to maximise wealth. 

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The management and formation of companies provides clients with effective solutions, both onshore and offshore for clients whose activities operate on a worldwide platform.

At Irish Incorporations Ltd., we offer clients efficient solutions to meet their individual needs. Our global network of alliance partners allows us to work with highly experienced and skilled professionals within our industry. This ensures that clients objectives are always aligned with our corporate philosophy to provide a value added service.

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