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Mindful of the laws and regulations on the prevention of international money laundering, Irish Incorporations implements strict risk control procedures and balances thorough due diligence of all clients with a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of business.

Whilst we respect and honour the confidentially of our clients, we are committed to undertaking full and thorough due diligence of our clients identities, their place of residence and the nature of their businesses. To this end, we need to be fully appraised of both the rationale behind the establishment of a corporate structure and its modus operandi.


Our overriding statutory duty regarding the prevention of terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering, means that we are committed to undertaking full and thorough due diligence of both our clients' identities and the nature of their businesses.

Whilst we respect the confidentiality of our clients, we are obliged by law to obtain the following information relating to all beneficial owners, directors, shareholders, bank account signatories and all parties connected in any way to any company, business entity, trust or foundation we may form or administer:

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Residential Address

In addition, the provision of a signed, detailed Curriculum Vitae is sometimes mandatory and always useful.

Proof of Identity

1. To establish the identity and signature of all parties, clients must provide a copy of one of the following:

  • Current Valid Full Passport

  • Current Valid National ID Card

2. Such copy must bear a clear photograph, the holders signature and the document number.

Proof of Residential Address

To validate the home address of all parties mentioned in your application, please provide ONE of the following dated within the last three months, for each party:

  • Original utility bill (a telephone bill [mobile telephone bills are not acceptable], electricity etc.).

  • Original bank or mortgage statement from a recognised bank.

  • Original credit card statement.

  • Original bank reference, confirming the home address, from a recognised bank.

Curriculum Vitae

In order to understand our clients' backgrounds we require information about our clients' work experience, education and qualifications.

Source of Wealth

A statement is required from the principal(s) offering a brief description as to the origins of his/her wealth and the period over which the wealth was generated.


These may be faxed to us for review but the originals must be sent to us by courier or mail and regretfully we cannot undertake work until the originals have been received. All documents must be in English or if not then a translation from an independent and accredited translator should be attached.


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