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    • Extensive network of double tax treaties

Irish Incorporations Ltd. is a professional corporate solutions provider serving the international business community with corporate tax efficient structures. 

We have been in business since 1994 specialising in Irish company formations. Ireland is now recognised as a key European Union financial centre ideally positioned to project and manage your corporate affairs in a pro business and secure environment. We have many valued clients who have chosen to do business with us because we provide a personal, confidential and flexible service.  

Most clients are non-Irish and range from private individuals, expatriates to business-to-business service providers and trading companies. These clients tend to opt for a full service approach as regards company finances and tax planning. 

This together with Ireland 's excellent image as a quality corporate domicile makes the use of Irish companies attractive for international tax planning and trading purposes. 

Consistent with our policy to provide a total quality and focused service to clients, we seek to build and retain client relationships, which are reflected in our daily professional duties.

We look forward to being of service to you...



Ireland shows struggling Europe the way forward...

"It was revealed last week that Ireland enjoyed astonishing growth in the second quarter. At an annualised rate of 7.7 per cent, this is a pace unseen since the heady days of the early 2000s. After becoming the first country to exit its EU bailout, it is now forecast to continue growing strongly. As countries such as France and Italy stagnate, while bickering about long overdue reforms, they should take note of exactly how the Irish have done this.........But this is not just the luck of the Irish. For seven years its government and long-suffering people have taken the toughest of choices. The costs of a bloated public sector were reduced with swingeing wage cuts and slashing payroll rates. Private sector wages have fallen by more than 2 per cent annually in the past four years, restoring competitiveness to industry. Above all, the government recognised the serious risk played by its shattered banking system and took steps to rebuild it. Through its “bad bank”, the National Asset Management Agency it made banks come clean about their losses. By forcibly swapping toxic assets for safer government debt, it cleared the way for lending to start again...Yet it provides growing evidence of how countries that shape up after a crisis can recover strongly despite an unfavourable international outlook. Others should learn from its example..."

Source: Financial Times Limited 2015

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