Ireland for International Business..

Full Incorporation Package From €320 + Vat

Form a Company in Ireland and legally establish your International Head Office in Dublin by Irish Approved Agents

The presence of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple makes Ireland a key European low-tax country especially attractive for IT-related and internationally traded services

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Irish Company Formation Experts in Irish Company Registrations

Irish company formation and registrations for both resident and non-resident clients. You will benefit from our experience as one of Ireland’s leading professional corporate solutions providers. We have been serving the international business community with Irish non-resident companies and international IBC companies since 1994. Irish Incorporations Ltd. is a company formation service that goes beyond our competitors by providing the necessary expertise for non-resident clients that wish to use their Irish company for international trade and business. As approved Irish company formation agents we can assist with your Irish company formation by aligning your interests with that of our experience in internationally traded services. Our service is tailored for people world-wide who want to form a company in Ireland but want to trade internationally.

Our fees are very competitive when compared to large accountancy and legal firms.

Deal direct with Irish approved agents and cut out paying third party agents not located in Ireland to form your Irish Company.

  • Through our Irish office, we will incorporate your Irish Limited Company (Ltd) in about 7 days.
  • We can arrange the opening of your corporate bank account with leading banks in Ireland.
  • An Irish-based general manager is provided by us.
  • Your company is domiciled in our office in Ireland.
  • After incorporation, the ongoing administration and tax support of the company is handled by our firm.

  Optional Services

  • Incorporation of your Limited Company in Ireland
  • Official fees
  • Application for EU VAT number (VAT ID number)
  • Account opening at a leading bank in Ireland
  • Representative Virtual Office in Dublin
  • Provision of a director based in Ireland
  • Courier and postage costs
  • Continuous ongoing support
  • Ongoing tax support (after expenses)

Irish Company Formation and Benefit From:

  • Committed EU and Eurozone member – even after Brexit
  • With Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft located in Ireland
  • At 12.5%, one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU
  • No CFC regime / foreign tax law
  • The Irish Ltd operates like an UK Ltd (common-law jurisdiction)
  • Very pro-business entrepreneurial environment
  • Outside Dublin, favorable wage levels
  • English official language
  • Young dynamic population

Register an Irish Company by Irish Registered Agents

After completion of our Company Formation Form we will prepare the pre-incorporation documents on your behalf. We then send them by e-mail to you. You will sign the documents in the designated places (all shareholders and directors must sign). You then send the documents directly to Dublin to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). The company is then usually be registered in 3-5 days.


Appointment of Company Secretary

We will appoint our Company Secretary to your company to take care of all legal aspects as required for your company. The Company Secretary is an official officer of the company and is compulsory under Irish corporate law.


Registered Office & Virtual Office in our office in Dublin

Your company is domiciled in our office in Ireland. This is a real office, a real operation. This is not a “Brass Plate” company but a company of substance! You can also use the office by the hour or for meetings.


All Official Fees

All fees charged by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) for registering a company are included in our managed service fees.


Opening a company bank account & support

We can open a company account for you at a leading bank in Ireland. In addition you get online banking and a debit card. When the account is opened, our experienced on-site staff will help with any problems and routine tasks that affect your account (ordering replacement cards, internet banking issues, etc.) In most cases the account can be opened without the necessity to travel to Ireland.


VAT and Annual Returns

VAT returns are submitted with the local tax office on a two monthly basis. All bookkeeping and accounts preparation for your company are done by us by qualified staff.  All annual returns are submitted to the Irish Revenue Commissioners (Tax Office) and CRO (Companies Registration Office) in order your company is maintained in “Good Standing”.


How much ongoing support do I get for my Irish Company?

We provide a full “bespoke” or “turnkey” service to our client companies and all ongoing support in relation to bookkeeping and annual tax returns is included and agreed in advance with clients. Unlike large accountancy or legal firms we do not charge clients based on high hourly time charges, so no unpleasant surprises.


Warehousing Facilities for your Irish Company?

As we are located in Ireland we can also provide warehouse and production facilities along with office space which can add real presence and “substance” to your Irish company.

Tax Planning with Irish Companies